Project LIFE


Project LIFE (Livelihoods in Full Employment) aims to provide skilling opportunities to the MGNREGA beneficiaries, who have completed at least 15 days of wage employment under MGNREGA but priority will be given to the beneficiaries who have completed more than 100 days of wage employment.  

ORMAS has been mandated to identify that category of beneficiaries and put them under different livelihoods fold such as DDU-GKY, Livelihoods promotion activities under OLM and skilling through R-SETI etc. ‘Project LIFE’ is designed to bring vertical mobility in livelihoods ladder with improved skill and employability for the beneficiary.  The basic approach is to target poorest of poor families and to enable them move towards full employment from partial wage-employment through skilling programmes.  The key purpose of this programme is :

  • Promoting self-reliance and improving the skill –base of the MGNREGA workers, thereby improving their livelihoods, and ensuring betterment in their current employment status.
  • Upgrade from minimal income status (100 days in a year) of HHs dependent on MGNREGA to a state of earning throughout the year.