Physical Milestone

Number of Business partners- 72

Number of Projects- 108

Number of Active Centers- 76

Number of Trained candidates- 56538

No of Placed candidates- 42597

% of placement- 75%

% of training completion- 49%

Number of districts with training center- 21



Odisha is number one in

  • skilling and placement by number
  • installment disbursement
  • having highest number of business partners
  • largest network of training center and area
  • mobilization
  • Skill Gap Study by ILO

Odisha innovated

  • PIA advisory and coordination committee and 6 sub committees
  • International standard Master trainers by ToT
  • 1000 certified trainers in 1 year
  • Youth mobilization of 20 lakhs by Mission-20 program
  • Robust Rating and Grading formula
  • Financial flexibility and monitoring system

Objective of the conclave on 28th April

  • State performance review by the MoRD team, headed by the JS- Skills for Odisha, West Bengal, Tripura, Bihar, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand

Objective of the conclave on 29th April

  • PIA coordination sub-committee suggestions and discussions for better management and mechanism of the project