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Headquarter Officials Contact Details

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SL. No. Name of the Department  Name of the Office  Authority Official Designation Official E-Mail address Contact Number Postal Address 
1 PR & DW Department  ORMAS BHUBANESWAR Mrs. Guha Poonam Tapas Kumar, IAS Director-cum-CEO, ORMAS  0674-2565877 ORMAS SIRD Campus, UNIT VIII  BHUBANESWAR - 751012, ODISHA
2 -do- -do-- Shri Subash Chandra Das, OAS (SAG) Additional Chief Executive Officer 0674-2565871 -do-
3 -do- -do-- Shri Sanjib Kumar Singh, OFS (SAG) Additional Chief Executive Officer(Accounts) 0674-2565871 -do-
4 -do- -do-- Sri Sujay Kar Joint Chief Executive Officer(Marketing) 0674-2565871 -do-
5 -do- -do-- Sri Neelakantha Rath Dy. Chief Executive Officer 9437400408 -do-
6 -do- -do-- Sri Nigam Charan Dash Dy. Chief Executive Officer 9437307271 -do-
7 -do- -do-- Shri Om Prakash Rautray Dy. Chief Executive Officer 0674-2565871 -do-
8 -do- -do-- Sri Deepak Ku. Srichandan Dy. Chief Executive Officer 0674-2565871 -do-
9 -do- -do-- Sri Sanjib Ku. Mohanty Dy. Chief Executive Officer 9861170605 -do-
      Sri Jitendra ku. Biswal Dy. Chief Executive Officer 0674-2565871 -do-
10 -do- -do-- Sri Shantanu Banarjee Dy. Chief Executive Officer 7008003323 -do-
11 -do- -do-- Shri Pradip Kumar Das Assistant Audit Officer-cum- DDO 9861730503 -do-
12 -do- -do-- Sri Shakti Prasad Samantray Project Executive 0674-2565871 -do-
13 -do- -do-- Shri Chitta Ranjan  Pattanaik Project Executive 9437535580 -do-
14 -do- -do-- Ms. Sonali Majumdar Project Executive (Procurement) 0674-2565871 -do-
15 -do- -do-- Shri Samir Ku. Nayak Project Executive (Legal) 0674-2565871 -do-
16 -do- -do-- Sri Aswini Parida Project Executive (Finance) 9937610294 -do-
17 -do- -do-- Mrs Madhusmita Sahu Project Executive (Livelihoods) 9778744365 -do-
18 -do- -do-- Ms.Bishnupriya Barik Project Executive (IT) 7377244447 -do-
19 -do- -do-- Sri Sukant Chandra Behera  Sr.Executive Assistant 0674-2565871 -do-
20 -do- -do-- Mrs. Sipra Rath Sr.Executive Assistant 0674-2565871 -do-
21 -do- -do-- Sri Shyam Sundar Sahoo Sr.Executive Assistant 0674-2565871 -do-
22 -do- -do-- Ms. Kasturi Pattnaik Executive Assistant 0674-2565871 -do-
23 -do- -do-- Sri Sanjit Kumar Panda Executive Assistant 0674-2565871 -do-
24 -do- -do-- Sri Sukant Kumar Sahoo Executive Assistant 9861693912 -do-
25 -do- -do-- Sri Santosh Ku. Behera Driver 0674-2565871 -do-
26 -do- -do-- Sri Ramesh Ch. Mohanty Driver 0674-2565871 -do-
27 -do- -do-- Sri Ganesh Ch. Samantaray Driver 0674-2565871 -do-
28 -do- -do-- Sri Pratap Ku. Dash Peon 0674-2565871 -do-
29 -do- -do-- Sri Subash Ch. Behera Peon 0674-2565871 -do-
30 -do- -do-- Sri N.Srinivas Rao Peon 0674-2565871 -do-
31 -do- -do-- Sri Binod Bihari Sahoo Peon 0674-2565871 -do-
32 -do- -do-- Sri Gobinda Ch. Behera Peon 0674-2565871 -do-
33 -do- -do- Sri Bhramarbar Nayak Peon 0674-2565871 -do-
34 -do- -do-- Sri Jitendra Ku. Mohapatra Peon 0674-2565871 -do-
35 -do- -do-- Sri Laxman Ku. Nayak Peon 0674-2565871 -do-
36 -do- -do-- Sri Basanta Ku. Pati Peon 0674-2565871 -do-
        Designation  Name     
  RTI :   First Appellate Authority  Dy. Chief Executive Officer Shri Deepak Kumar Srichandan  
      Public Information Officer  Sr. Executive Assistant Shri Shyam Sundar Sahoo  

District Officials Contact Details

Sl. No Name of the Department  Name of the Office  Authority Official Designation Official E-Mail address Contact Number Postal Address 
1 PR & DW
DSMS Angul  Sri Souravamaya Dash Dy. CEO 9437368036 DSMS-ANGUL, O/o-DRDA ANGUL CAMPUS, PIN-759122, DIST-ANGUL
2 -do- DSMS Angul   Shri Sibasis Mishra Executive Assistant 9583126056 -do-
4 -do- DSMS Balangir   Shri Malaya Sahani Executive Assistant 9937869262 -do-
5 -do- DSMS Balasore   Sri Jitendra Kumar Biswal Dy. CEO 9437301971 DSMS- BALASORE, O/o-DRDA BALASORE CAMPUS, PIN-756001, DIST-BALASORE
6 -do- DSMS Balasore   Satyajit Sethi Executive Assistant 9437111848 -do-
7 -do- DSMS Bargarh   Sri Prasanta Ku. Dash Dy. CEO 9437633185 DSMS-BARGARH, O/o-DRDA BARGARH CAMPUS, PIN- 768028, DIST-BARGARH
8 -do- DSMS Bargarh   Sri Rama Chandra Dash Executive Assistant 9776296891 -do-
9 -do- DSMS Bhadrak   Sri Kshitish Chandra Bal Project Executive (Dy. CEO I/C) 9437176710 DSMS-BHADRAK,DRDA CAMPUS, AT- CHARIGHARIA, POST-MADHABNAGAR, PIN- 756181, DIST-BHADRAK
10 -do- DSMS Bhadrak   Sri Malay Kumar Panda Executive Assistant 9861839698 -do-
11 -do- DSMS Boudh Jubaraj Sahu Dy. CEO (Additional Charge) 9777909154 DSMS BOUDH,DRDA CAMPUS, MURSUNDHI, PIN-762014, DIST-BOUDH
12 -do- DSMS Boudh   Shri Sibasish Dash Project Executive 9861512033 DSMS BOUDH,DRDA CAMPUS, MURSUNDHI, PIN-762014, DIST-BOUDH
13 -do- DSMS Boudh   Sri Dillip Kumar Rath Executive Assistant 7504011531 -do-
14 -do- DSMS Cuttack   Sri Bipin Behari Rout Joint CEO 9437666453 DSMS CUTTACK,O/o- DRDA CUTTACK CAMPUS, CHANDNI CHOWK , PIN- 753002,DIST-CUTTACK
15 -do- DSMS Cuttack   Dr. Srikant Kumar Parija Executive Assistant 9937561099 -do-
17 -do- DSMS Deogarh   Sri Subal Ku. Jenamani Dy. CEO 9439596620 DSMS-DEOGARH,O/o-DRDA DEOGARH CAMPUS, PIN-768108, DIST-DEOGARH
18 -do- DSMS Deogarh   Sri Bramhananda Patra Executive Assistant 06641-226478 -do-
19 -do- DSMS Dhenkanal   Sri Souravamaya Dash Dy. CEO (Additional Charge) 9437368036 DSMS-DHENKANAL,O/o-DRDA DHENKANAL, AT- MAHISAPAT, PIN- 759001, DIST- DHENKANAL
20 -do- DSMS Dhenkanal   Shri Aswini Parida Project Executie 9937610294 -do-
21 -do- DSMS Dhenkanal   Sri Akhaya Kumar Dash Executive Assistant 8895640285 -do-
22 -do- DSMS Gajapati   Sri Manoj Kumar Patra Dy. CEO (Addl. charge) 9937244450 DSMS-GAJAPATI, PARLEAKHEMUNDI, O/o- DRDA-GAJAPATI CAMPUS, PIN-761200, DIST-GAJAPATI
23 -do- DSMS Gajapati   Shri Dillip Kumar Sahu Executive Assistant 9861017124 -do-
24 -do- DSMS Ganjam   Dr. Jyoti Prakash Mohanty Dy. CEO 8763083961 DSMS GANJAM, DRDA CAMPUS, CHATRAPUR, DIST- GANJAM, PIN-761020
25 -do- DSMS Ganjam   Shri Rajendra Pattnaik Executive Assistant 9439890605 -do-
26 -do- DSMS Jagatsinghapur   Sri Satya Sundar Sibram Paital Dy. CEO 9439314880 DSMS JAGATSINGHPUR, O/o- DRDA JAGATSINGHPUR CAMPUS, PIN-754103, DIST-JAGATSINGHPUR
27 -do- DSMS Jagatsinghapur   Sri Asish Ku. Roul Project Executive 7077702570 -do-
28 -do- DSMS Jagatsinghapur   Sri Pravat Kumar Dash Executive Assistant 9861038396 -do-
29 -do- DSMS Jajpur Sri Nirod Kumar Jena Dy. CEO (Additional Charge) 9437657629 DSMS-JAJPUR,O/o-DRDA JAJPUR CAMPUS, Pin-755001, DIST-JAJPUR
30 -do- DSMS Jajpur   Sri Kshitish Chandra Bal Project Executive (Dy. CEO I/C) 9437176710 DSMS-JAJPUR,O/o-DRDA JAJPUR CAMPUS, Pin-755001, DIST-JAJPUR
31 -do- DSMS Jajpur   Sri Chinmaynanda Das Executive Assistant 9178693232 -do-
32 -do- DSMS Jharsuguda   Ms Bhagyalaxmi Rout Project Executive 9437150633 DSMS-JHARSUGUDA,O/o-DRDA JHARSUGUDA, PIN-768204, DIST-JHARSUGUDA
33 -do- DSMS Jharsuguda   Sri Rudra Narayan Dash Executive Assistant 9937447545 -do-
34 -do- DSMS Kalahandi   Sri George M. Kerketa Dy. CEO 9437814793 DSMS-KALAHANDI,O/o- DRDA KALAHANDI CAMPUS, BHAWANIPATNA,PIN-766002, DIST-KALAHANDI
35 -do- DSMS Kalahandi   Sri Dharmendra Kumar Mahala Executive Assistant 9937693744 -do-
36 -do- DSMS Kandhamal   Sri Durga Prasad Bhuyan Project Executive 9583889335 DSMS-KANDHAMAL, DRDA CAMPUS, DRDA CHOWK, PHULBANI, PIN-762001, DIST-KANDHAMAL
37 -do- DSMS Kandhamal   Shri Bikram Kumar Tarai Executive Assistant 9437749004 -do-
38 -do- DSMS Kendrapada Sri Nirod Kumar Jena Dy. CEO 9437657629 DSMS-KENDRAPADA,O/o-DRDA KENDRAPADA, PIN-761200, DIST- KENDRAPADA
39 -do- DSMS Kendrapada   Ms. Priyanka Roul  Executive Assistant 765507059 -do-
40 -do- DSMS Keonjhar   Sri Swapan Goswami Joint CEO 9437037411 DSMS-KEONJHAR,O/o-DRDA CAMPUS, PIN- 758001, DIST-KEONJHAR
41 -do- DSMS Keonjhar   Sri C.S. Pattnaik Executive Assistant 9437123745 -do-
43 -do- DSMS Khordha   Sri Kailash Chandra Mallick Executive Assistant 9437293512 -do-
44 -do- DSMS Koraput   Sri Roshan Kumar Kartik Dy. CEO 9437642496 DSMS-KORAPUT, O/o- DRDA-KORAPUT CAMPUS, PIN-764020, DIST-KORAPUT
45 -do- DSMS Koraput   Sri Pradip Kumar Mishra Project Executive 9437197125 -do-
46 -do- DSMS Koraput   Sri Chandra Sekhar Samantaray Executive Assistant 8280473838 -do-
47 -do- DSMS Malkangiri   Sri Gundicha Behera Dy. CEO 8895597697 DSMS-MALKANGIRI, DRDA OFFICE,  DRDA SQUARE, PIN-764048
48 -do- DSMS Malkangiri   Sri Himansu Sekhar Sahoo Executive Assistant 8658491272 -do-
49 -do- DSMS Mayurbhanj   Sri Bimal Mal Dy. CEO 9438345779 DSMS-MAYURBHANJ, O/o-DRDA MAYURBHANJ, BARIPADA, DRDA CAMPUS, PIN-757001
50 -do- DSMS Mayurbhanj   Sri Jayshree Mohanty Executive Assistant 9438104473 -do-
51 -do- DSMS Nabarangpur   Sri Alaka Uma Mahesh Dy. CEO 9438440114 DSMS-NABARANGPUR, O/o- DRDA CAMPUS, MIRANGIGUDA, PIN-764063, DIST- NABARANGPUR
52 -do- DSMS Nabarangpur   K. Pawan Kumar Executive Assistant   -do-
53 -do- DSMS Nayagarh   Sri Praveen Jha Dy. CEO 8895724742 DSMS-NAYAGARH, O/o- DRDA NAYAGARH, Pin-752070, Dist-NAYAGARH
54 -do- DSMS Nayagarh   Shri Natabar Swain Executive Assistant 9439651548 -do-
55 -do- DSMS Nuapada Sri Raj Gopal Dash Dy. CEO (Additional Charge 9438529567 DSMS-NUAPADA,O/o- DRDA NUAPADA, PIN-766105, DIST-NUAPADA
56 -do- DSMS Nuapada   Sri Rabindra Ku. Pradhan Project Executive 9438606426 DSMS-NUAPADA,O/o- DRDA NUAPADA, PIN-766105, DIST-NUAPADA
57 -do- DSMS Nuapada   Sri Ashok Neora Executive Assistant 6371522180 -do-
59   DSMS, Puri Ms.Bhakti Pattnaik Project Executive (I/C Dy. CEO)   -do-
60 -do- DSMS Puri   Sri Upendra Behera Executive Assistant 8338003940 -do-
61 -do- DSMS Rayagada   Sri Manoj Kumar Patra Dy. CEO 9937244450 DSMS-RAYAGADA,O/o COLLECTORATE, RAYAGADA, PIN-756001, DIST-RAYAGADA
62 -do- DSMS Rayagada G. Laxmanendu  Executive Assistant 9437234548 -do-
63 -do- DSMS Sambalpur Sri Srimanta Hota Dy. CEO 9938409890 DSMS-SAMBALPUR, O/o-DRDA SAMBALPUR HANS NAGAR, 
64 -do- DSMS Sambalpur Sri Himanshu Sekhar Padhi Executive Assistant 9438338023 -do-
65 -do- DSMS Sonepur Sri Jubaraj Sahu Dy. CEO 9777909154 DSMS-SONEPUR, O/o-DRDA SONEPUR, PIN-767017, DIST-SONEPUR
66 -do- DSMS Sonepur Sri Debasis Mishra Executive Assitant 9437465728 -do-
67 -do- DSMS Sundargarh Sri Keshaw Chandra Jha Dy. CEO 9938625090 DSMS-SUNDERGARH, O/o-DRDA SUNDERGARH, PIN-770001, DIST-SUNDERGARH
68 -do- DSMS Sundargarh Sri Rudra Prasanna Barik Executive Assistant 9853368203 -do-